Blair at the Party
Blair Waldorf at the part of the week in "It Girl, Interrupted."

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FROM CAROL HERMANGood to see you back. It's interesting that you pick Blair as a topic, since he's very weak these days. And, much more exsepod in his weaknesses than Chirac. (Who got a burst of energy grom Condi.)Of Course, whatever the Brits tried in Iraq, they failed at it. (And, yes, their approach was "mild." Which is why they had to withdraw their troops from Basra. They were getting eaten alive. And, even if this gave them a "learning curve," they were still not able to mount much of defense. So "leaving" became their option.)While it's interesting that france keeps a toe-hold in syria/lebanon. (Really one and the same country; though we have two labels in use.)And, given that the french are more into surrender than anything; I can see why Israel isn't too concerned (now that it made its point.) But Blair has nothing to show for his "travels" this summer. He can't stop the hemmorhage that's happened. And, that is that England has lost it's clout. It's got no toe-holds in the Mideat ... Escept for the Aussies. Who run their own show. And, yes, work very well with the Americans.What does this portend for Europe? More of a noose than anything else. It's also fascinating that Turkey is being thrown at us as a "prize" because the EU absolutely fears the Turkish youth. They make up a very competitive work force, it turns out. And, Germany even switched its Mercedes Benz plants to Turkey. To benefit from the better work force, working for less; But the Turks aren't being let into Europe. (I'm not sure. But I think the bulk of Muslems coming into the EU either come from Africa (the way the french get their former colonists.) And, then loads from Pakistan. There is certainly going to be more terrorism, ahead, for the Europeans. How will they deal with it? I'd guess by sophisticated police work. (Which is really the only way you can deal with it.) So using the term "war" gets shifted on its head. The stuff that needs to get done will be done. But not by "war" ... exactly. And, it will take major prison bulding efforts to house "that element" of society that tends towards the pits. Since they need to be incarcerated from about the age of 15 to at least 25. Will the WEST, at some future point, re-do the way it does "education?"While haarvard's been co-opted by the Saudis, it's good news for Israel, by the way, that syria has not! (Yeah. I suspect Bush is not a happy man. He's not able to get more wars going in the Mideast.) But unlike Blair who feels his lame duck status; Bush is just Bush. You can't tell the difference. But we shall see? If he doesn't change his team, much, then he isn't going to be building anyone else's "presidential" resumes. Sometimes, there just is no Plan B. Though the Israelis are expecting back their kidnapped soldiers. Since the Muzzies use Rama-Dama-Ding-Dong as their "generous" month. Anticipating how this plays out is interesting enough.


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