Blake L. in Boston
Blake Lively in Boston, Mass., filming The Town. With a cute little girl apparently!

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i don't like the outfit and the sunglasses, but her face and hair looks gorgeous


Nu vi se pare k arata a fetitza de pe autostrada/ centura Bucurestiului??? (I'm reffering to the "like-a-slut" look...judging just by her clothes) foarte manelar imbracata:)) (if somebody can translate what I wrote in romanian, please do it. I just can't find words like "manelar" in the romanian-english dictionary:)


Gosh ,she will not have that look on her 30s,this looks is for movie ,for her role. I am sure she will be more and more gorgeous when she's older and older


she looks good .
i am happy for her movie career,this role is different for her


she looks horrible, wtf blake livley ur uglyyyyyyyyy


I think this make up makes her older, Blake usually doesn't wear so hard make up. But she looks still gorgerous and I so agree with you - yuki! She totally will be hot in 30s.


yeah, maybe it's because of the little girl on her arm but yeah, she looks 5-10 years older :P whatever? at least we know she's gonna be hot at 30 x)


sia, she is playing that character which requires her too look that way.


i think she looks nice ,very beautiful


that little girl is sooo lucky!! when she grows up she will be like.. oh i've benn in blake livley's arms when I was 1 year old.. and I don't remember! ajahah
blake looks nice in this picture

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