Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere
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Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere rock the same pair of Westyn boots. Whose look to you like better, the Hero or the Gossip Girl?

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    blake is totally the prettier one by far.


    i looooooove da show


    omg i dont no why everyone reckons ahydens preety.
    blakes gorgeous and look is a thousand times better.


    They both rocked it in my opinion


    Hi all, Ive got a quick question. Here in Holland nobody heard of the Westyn boots. Can somebody provide me with an internet adress where i can buy these boots? My email is Thanks a lot!!


    Love the boots on Serena (aka, Blake) and I think Blake looks prettier than Hayden. It`s just the beauty mark that Serena (Blake) has : ) And Hayden.. I kinda agree with Bea :S


    It's not just brown, it's a dark orange tan and black goes with that. And it's Serena instead of Blake, because she's in character still. It's inbetween scenes, but she's dressed as Serena.


    Who is the Serena your talking about?
    This picure shows Hayden Panettiere and Blake Lively, no Serena anywhere :/


    Why does everyone think Hayden is pretty? I think she is very Plain and average Looking. Blake is gorgeous and completly unusual! And Black and brown do not match!


    I think Hayden's outfit is WAY nicer and the boots go with it a lot more,
    also she is way prettier than Blake, and I think Hayden did a way better
    job with her outfit