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Body Swapping
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Don't adjust your eyes, Gleeks. After Tina slams her head on the episode "Props," her world starts to look different.

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    Thanks @MissBootjah ;) Still think they could have done something more (or made him someone else).
    I'm prepared to be underwhelmed by his performance (he's offered nowt so far anyway).


    loving the blue hair on rachel! going to be weired to see her all angsty instead of hyper and smiley! can't wait!!!


    @*Sigh* He's supposed to be Mike, and I suppose he has to much hair to actually hide under a bald cap.


    Who is the dreadlocks guy supposed to be? Could they not have hidden his hair (they could have used a bald skull cap or something!!) cos he just looks like himself (do we even know him well enough to distinguish his style from anyone else?)? Rubbish job, really going to stand out when everyone else is dressed up so well.