Bree and Nate Pic
Bree and Nate in "Rufus Getting Married." What's to become of this relationship? And what's her deal with Carter?

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That is the ugliest dress ever! But hey, at least it's not Olivia's horrible prairie dresses.


In New York society the maxi-dress is a summer only item, you'd think Bree would know that. Don't blame Joanna Garcia, she's actually a pretty good actor, but this Bree character hasn't really done anything but romance Nate, so thus far I'm unimpressed


Totally agree with Susie BC.... worst dress I've seen on GG. Bree has such an awesome part and Joanna Garcia is totally ruining it. Nate looks like a handsome boy angel as always and Bree ruins their pictures everytime by being in them. GET RID OF HER!


That dress is awful for a wedding. Bad dress for a bad character.


Seriously, what is Bree wearing? awful looking dress, she's making Nate look bad just by standing next to him.


isn't suppose to be rude to wear red in a wedding? well even if its okei I hate this dress


that's not a dress, it's a blanket [2]


wow! nate looks great (shocker) but i don't get why they have bree wearing like...maxi dresses all the time.


OMG!!LOL!! what is that horrible dress!!
take off that horrible dress I can see it from space girl!!!! -MS


Oh! My! God! What the heck is she wearing? That's not a dress, it's a blanket.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Chuck: Look, I love you, but just because Nate liking Bree doesn't make her a piranha. And Serena liking Carter doesn't make him a prince.
Blair: Where are you going? I have tension!

Chuck: Look ... I may loathe the guy, but he didn't have to own up to anything. I bought him a ticket out of town. He risked a lot, knowing Bree would be there. He must really care about you.
Serena: The girl he proposed to was a Buckley.