Bryan Cranston on Archer
Bryan Cranston lends his voice to this week's Archer as Commander Anthony Drake.

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Yeah just to explain whats going on here these are the shots where we in the bknrgaoucd department do the most painting from scratch. In most cases we have a computer render of the environment we draw over basically like the crumbled stall you see the biped version of Cheryl squatting on above. In this case we had to paint up all the elements surrounding her- lava, volcanos, melty TP roll etc. Krieger's Van murals are the exact same where we have to use a reference photo as a base and paint and draw our own unique version for the show.

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Archer Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Can it be fired with an erection?


Commander: Is mutiny a joke to you?
Archer: I dunno, maybe a mutiny of clowns.