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Budig in a Bikini
Rebecca Budig is having fun in the sun in this photo. The actress, of course, plays Greenlee on All My Children.

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DonaldLPutman you a foolish dude.Or gay? Just sayin'.....


Can't they let Rebecca model in a regular one piece swimsuit, instead of a bikini. She's nearly 40 years of age. She suppose to be a more grown adult. Young adults and teens go for bikinis. A tank suit would be more appropriate for Rebecca Budig.


The Bikini picture I like the least. You look better in a sundress. You don't have to expose your body to go all out sexy. Just be natural, cool and that's the way I like you.


Beautiful face. Gorgeous eyes. Hard body. Sexy ass. She's a 9.5. Would be a 10 if she had a little more bust.


She is so hot

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[to Myrtle about Erica] Somebody give me a stick so I can beat the stupid out of her.


Maggie Stone: I wonder if it's the number of nights that really matter. I mean, love, it's more than just the physical part. It's whether or not you connect. You can't plan who you fall in love with.
Jamie Martin: Well, how do you even know if it's real? I mean, so many people fall in love and go through the motions, but it's not even close.
Maggie Stone: Maybe some people don't even get to have it.
Jamie Martin: Or they don't recognize it when it comes along.
Maggie Stone: Or when you do finally get it so deep it's a part of you, only to have it taken away. You know, when I - when we couldn't find Bianca, I experienced an emptiness I've never felt before, I mean, like what it would be like if Bianca had never surfaced again. I had to put that out of my mind. I had to forget it.
Jamie Martin: It's complicated - love. It's so unique every time, with every person. And when the real thing comes along, I guess we just have to hope we see it.
Maggie Stone: Or hold onto it.