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That would be the look on his face ... but what's going on in this scene, in which Chuck Bass appears to be interrupting something.

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the nanny looks like katherine. and wth is with this plot? the nanny thing should never have taken place


I think she was used to get Carter to Blair and to keep Blair away.


guys, i just realized that carter was the guy who scamed nate in the poker game. the guy who looked like a homo. he better keep his hands off blairs boops. those belong to chuck!!!!!!!!!!


omg! its the nnay?? where di she come from??


I think Carter used El to hook up with Chuck,cuz then he got proof to show Blair. And he maybe tells her that he is a member at a sex club or something and then Blair gets furious!
She was the one who said it was over between chuck and her. Why would she suddently start to hate Chuck and wants to take his back? SO CONFUSING!


i love that carter and chuck are nemesis! carter is so cute, almost cuter than chuck!


Chuck Bass = hott = all that matters!


wah! i wanna see this episode now!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, there's the chuck we know and love...back to his schemes! speaking of which, what the hell scheme is he cookin up that involves the dumb nanny (who chuck is annoyingly attached to)and carter?????


It looks like Carter is involved in the sex club, or whatever is really going on.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

I hate pretentious asshats who try to steal other people's girlfriends.


Should have gone with mercury poisoning.


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