This is the wedding between Amelia and Owen on Grey's Anatomy.
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Will this be the last we see of Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. "Family First" is the 24th episode of the show's 13th season.
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The Feds try to get someone to testify against Lucious on Empire. This is a photo from Season 2 Episode 18.
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Why is Rebekah here? Could she really die? We'll need to watch to find out!
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Will this be the last fans see of Caskett? "Crossfire" is the 22nd episode of the eighth season of Castle.
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Adalind and Capt. Renard try to deal with their new and unpredictable reality on Grimm. "Beginning of the End - Part 2" is the 22nd episode of the show's fifth season.
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It's track and field day in Central City! Oh how embarrassing. Seriously. Is this really the finale?
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Scarlett poses for the commercial shoot featuring female artists, separating her from Gunnar even more amidst their recent struggles as The Exes.
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Where is Joe, anyway? Is he tied up on top of some sort of plant building? Will he be in danger going into the fall? Oy.
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Callie Torres has had many reasons to smile on Grey's Anatomy Season 11. But she's getting pleasure out of working with veterans.
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Will we get a kiss between Barry and Iris? What if they never see each other again? I'm not sure why or how, but just pointing it out.
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In nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory, we've never met Leonard's father. Until now! Chaos ensues when he shows up, along with both Leonard's other and Sheldon's.
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