Chris Traeger is hilarious. Literally, he may be the funniest character on TV.
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Hang in there, Troy. We know it's unsettling to be a victim of the Ass Crack Bandit.
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A photo of Ziva in the 4/9/13 episode of NCIS, "Chasing Ghosts."
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Abigail Ashe (played by Meganne Young) is the daughter of Lord Peter Ashe. What role does she play and what's her connection to the pirates that conduct business on the island?
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April has trouble concentrating in this scene from Grey's Anatomy, and for good reason: her baby is in trouble.
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The main characters of the glee club practice a song during the show's premiere episode. It debuted immediately following the finale of American Idol's eighth season.
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Derek looks on in this scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 11. It's from the episode "Can We Start Again Please?"
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Dr. Warren and Margaret Gage meet after her husband demonstrates his cruelty in the town square. Joseph is instantly taken with Margaret's compassion and kindness.
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Tristen Epps, from Team Marcus, makes the finals on The Taste.
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Gabe Kennedy is a finalist on The Taste, with the most gold stars this season.
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Addison in a photo from this week's season finale of Private Practice. What will the long-awaited episode portend for her character?
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Taraji P. Henson plays Detective Carter on Person of Interest. She's trying to figure out who Reese is.
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