Ghost comes undone during a vital moment on Power. "The Right Decision" is the sixth episode of the show's third season.
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Chandra is contemplating how she feels about the case.
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Harvey is done with Mike throwing hurdles in the way, so he'll no doubt be telling Mike to do whatever he says.
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The team investigates a jogger's fall at the Greek Theater on Major Crimes. "Family Law" is the ninth episode of the show's fifth season.
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Mickey returns to Primm on Ray Donovan. "Goodbye Beautiful" is the ninth episode of the show's fourth season.
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Might Stu be ale to help his landlords with their case against Sutter, or would he throw them under the bus?
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Brandon heads to New York for his audition on The Fosters. "New York" is the ninth episode of the show's fourth season.
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We know one of the liars are going rogue to find Uber A, but which one has the guts to do it?
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Jane has news about her future that she shares with her family on Rizzoli & Isles. "Stiffed" is the 11th episode of the show's seventh season.
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Deacon and Rayna share an intense moment. Will they make it back to each other by the end of the episode, the series finale?
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Box is hoping for an ordinary death when his time comes after retirement.
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The Defense presents its case on The Night Of. "Ordinary Death" is the seventh episode of the show's first season.
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