Whoever is at the door has Meredith smiling. Could it be Nathan ready for some flirty banter?
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Charley goes to her doctor to get tested after finding out Davis has sex with a hooker on Queen Sugar.
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Michael Weatherly is Dr. Bull on his new CBS show.
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Harvey makes an argument here on court in a scene from Suits Season 6 Episode 10.
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Penny and her dad share a nice moment together, and hopefully are able to stay out of the drama everyone else is dealing with right now.
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Freddie has settled into his role as peacekeeper, but the job never stops throwing challenges his way. He never imagined he'd have to go up against the Sun God and the Queen of Xibalba who has taken over Kate's body. He might need to start drinking every night.
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Things change as a new captain takes over the department on Rosewood. "Forward Motion & Frat Life" is the first episode of the show's second season.
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It all went wrong when the Challenger exploded according to Kevin.
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Gerald McRaney plays a doctor in the series premiere episode of This Is Us on NBC.
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It looks like Riggs and Murtaugh got everything they needed from the scene. Now it's time to interview suspects!
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The Bad Girls aren't exactly why. Here's a look at one of them without a shirt on.
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A quiet moment for mother and daughter to bond. Will the loss of Samuel make April overly cautious with her newborn?
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