Which couples will be sent home as they face a double elimination on this week's Dancing With the Stars.
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Blake Lively and Penn Badgley vacation in Mexico in May 2008. The Gossip Girl couple is hitting it off... but needed to catch up on some sleep in addition to just kissing each other constantly.
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Why all the long faces? Losing one of their own will be hard.
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Caroline and Bonnie have each other to lean upon now.
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Meredith is still mourning Derek. But she has a bloody case to focus on in this Grey's Anatomy scene.
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It looks like Chili is pitching the features and benefits of her alcoholic creation, but where?
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Zoe looks a bit stunned to see Wade. Will she want to talk to him?
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Pictured in this Hawaii Five-0 set shot: Christopher Sean, Daniel Dae Kim and Ian Anthony Dale.
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