Amanda and Mason go on a fact-finding mission after he returns to the Hamptons angry over having lost his exclusive.
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As Aslaug arrives, Ragnar seeminlgy tries to hide himself from her view on "Brother's War."
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Really, what other way can you describe Chuck and Blair? Well, you could probably find other words, but none more accurate.
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Vance and Gibbs look focused, as usual, in this NCIS scene. It's from the episode "Outlaws & In-Laws."
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Meredith finds something of Derek's on Grey's Anatomy.
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Kevin Alejandro guest stars here on Grey’s Anatomy. The veteran actor is on board as a paramedic.
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Meredith gathers her things and her children before leaving to go... somewhere.
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Phaedra and Porsha discuss relationship on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, "Reunion Part 2"
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