How does Emily look so flawless even when she's supposed to be getting hot and sweaty during a workout? Is she a robot?
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The team tracks down Thapa to help find Sam's shooter on NCIS: Los Angeles. "Expiration Date" is the 16th episode of the show's sixth season.
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Ryan Hardy has a new love interest on The Following Season 3. Her name is Gwen.
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Caroline will drink two drinks. How will that work for everyone?
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These three women are all that remains on The Bachelor. Who will win the final rose?
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Hey, what was that sound?!? Hayley and Jackson wonder what is out there in this scene from The Originals.
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How to Get Away with Murder wrapped up an intense first season with a crazy finale. Can you believe who killed Lila?!?
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Hey Ray, waddya say? He's got his visor down and he's ready to roll!
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