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Callie Torres and Erica Hahn Kiss
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Drs. Callie Torres and Erica Hahn kiss passionately on the fourth season finale of Grey's Anatomy, entitled "Freedom." What a scene!

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    I am shocked, but nut surprised in a way...make sense?? These 2 I mean definately mirror my own life!! and although this is just a tv show, I hope that some day I find myself in the same position with another woman like Callica :o)


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    "The wilds of homosexuality" ... ? Come on people. For two reasons I hope 'health care provider' means some sort of base-level technician. First, what a horrible thing it would be if someone made it through both college and medical school without ever opening their horizons and learning to accept others for who they are. Second, I sure as heck wouldn't want a homophobic doctor! P.S. I'm a mental 'health care provider' to use your terminology, and I sympathize with the 14 year old boy. Accept your children for whoever they may be - don't try to 'keep it straight'. Close-minded parenting can to later depression, acting out, risky behaviors, drug use, and suicide. If you're worried about the possibility of your son being gay (which is how it reads) talk to him about it, in an open "I am your mother and I will love whoever you decide to become" sort of way. If you can't see this perspective - get yourself some therapy (it's for the good mental health of your child!) This might be a great opportunity to talk to your child about sex, how to do it safely and why he should wait until he's older. (Trust me - his friends are doing it right now and he's hearing them say it's awesome). P.S. Love the Callica thing - just when you think Grey's has panned out all the possible relationship!! :-) P.P.S. Anyone else? Odds of watching a lesbian kiss affecting a 14 year old boy negatively? LOL


    I think Callie looks even more hotter now!! =) The kiss was so hot and sexy.. I can't wait to watch the coming episodes of Grey's Anatomy involving Callie and Erica relationship. I wish Shonda Rhimes could expand more the storyline. The musics played on the last episodes of season 4 and season 5 were definitely AWESOME!! Especially the music tuned when Erica gazing hot Callie inside the elevator (my love by the bird and the bee). I found their relationship not that intimidating but it was so exciting playing it in medical drama. Callie now rocks!! And I think I'm in love with her because she is now better than before!! She is more attractive and gorgeous!! =) Hope to see you soon.. Keep rockin'!! I love yahh!!


    I loved the kiss. I have it as my screen saver on my computer. LOL!!! Love the kiss....Love the story line. Thank you to the writters. And to the lady with the problem. Where here and we're Queer. If you don't like what you see watch ER, but I betcha ya see a lesbian on there too. Oh yeah the head nurse on there was gay too. Darn!!! Can't go any where, we're every where...LOL!!!


    I looove the callica thing. That couple it's so hot and brave to keep the relationship go on. I hope to see more of this girls! i love them!!! I totally agree with Juan. Callie has evolved as a character and as a woman.. in good way.
    She rocks!


    I was blown away by callie and ericas kiss but also really happy cause they look hot together and have amazing chemistry.
    I just wish izzy and alex would finally get together.


    Its time for a change!!!!!!! Wow some people! I love the whole erica/callie relationship. They totally have chemistry and i'm glad grey's decided to go along with their relationship. I have homosexual friends whom i'm sure are happy to not only see heterosexuals on tv but homosexuals too . I have no problem with shonda involving a homo relationship. Its 2008 people! AND poor mcsteamy!! He really wants to be with someone(i'm here!!). I hope they find someone for him(so he stops being a whore!).


    Oh! Wow we have a gay hater. Good on you. I understan you think it's innapropriate but to for many people it's a way of life. Love is love no matter who it's between, get over it and watch a different program and let us enjoy the storyline.


    Dear Shonda, I have been a proud Grey’s Anatomy fan since the beginning of season one. Because I am a health care provider, I get so excited watching the heroic procedures and the bizarre, but humorous patient encounters. Many of the patient encounters and challenges on the show are similar to those I deal with each day. I am the mother of a 22 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. They both aspire to have careers in the medical field. I often encourage them to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me. We really enjoy the music used in the episodes, the trendy friendships and the surprising storylines. Until viewing the first episode of season five with my son, I believed Grey’s Anatomy was this beautiful, clean and trendy thing I often talk about with people at work. Clearly, my son felt awkward and I had quite a shock watching Callie Torres and Erica Hahn flirting with one another. I later saw clips of the kiss…Obviously, I missed a couple of episodes last season. Honestly, I respect the rights of all people, but believe you all have gone too far! I am appalled at the direction of season five. How dare you turn Grey’s Anatomy into another forum to further desensitize our youths to the wilds of homosexuality. They are exposed to enough; why must you use Grey’s Anatomy as a vehicle to glamorize that behavior. If the writers have run out of subject-matter, I am a healthcare risk manager; I have many stories with odd scenarios to share. Of course, we can change the names to protect confidences. Sincerely, A mother who is just trying to get it straight>