Callie Torres, Erica Hahn
Callie and Erica talk in this photo from the fourth season finale of Grey's Anatomy, "Freedom."

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As a Canadian viewer of Grey's Anatomy, I enjoy all the characters on the show,
I wish the show would be 2 hours like the season premier of season 5. Sara Ramirez character is great, all the characters are able to talk about issues that
effect our society and how people need to be accepting and not judge, I support her character
in Grey's Anatomy. All the best in Season 5.
Thank you


Es la mujer mas hermosa de la serie espero poder algun dia conoserla ¿¿¿

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Where have you been?! I've been waiting and waiting for you! And I did this stupid, embarrassing, humiliating, corny thing. And I was just gonna tell you that, this over here is our kitchen and this is our living room, and over there that's the room our kids could play. I had this whole thing about I was gonna build us a house, but I don't build houses because I'm a surgeon. And now I'm here feeling like a lame ass loser. I got all whole and healed and you don't show up. And now it's all ruined because you took so long to come home! And I couldn't even find that bottle of champagne ... (Derek holds up the bottle and smiles)


Derek: Meredith....
Meredith: Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this. Stupid, loser, son of a ... I could be at home instead of ... oh
Derek: Meredith....