Carter on Horseback
Carter Baizen rides a horse as Serena looks on. Wonder if these two are gonna be riding each other later in the episode ...

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o hot damn!! carter is smokin!!! and they do ride each other at the end of the episode^^ haha!


the caption is *holds in laughter*


that is a very vulgar caption.
but, i love Carter!!


I wanna see Chuck on a horse. Raaaar


LOL,the descripiton is the best,ever i love the funny Serena,Carter can bring Serena's badass . But Serena and Nate need end-game


hahahah thats the funniest description ever.
i love the idea of them together he made B go wild so maybe he might revert serena back into those days we saw in the flashback thanksgiving episode.


I love Sebastian Stan. I mean have you seen The Covenant, i love him in that movie. :)

Queen t

Hot damn. He can ride me anytime

Chair4eva sk

Umm wow. Thats a bold description. But he does look hoottttt!!


lol at the descripition

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