Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen
Gossip Girl stars Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen look debonair as they pose together at a recent event. Go Chace and Taylor!

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morrgan, omg yess!
i love her hair so much i want to, err, marry it?
im getting my hair cut like that too xxxxxxxx


they look so cute 2geva! i hope we c more of their character hooking up in the show!


i like the glasses. they make taylor look more...sophisticated haha. and i've always thought that chace was not ugly, but not really hot, you know? i think its his eyebrows that bother me lol.
this pic is an exception though, and that scene in blair's dream season 1 when she's looking for the cat. he looked so hot there!


They look so hot together.


WTF?! Even with glasses she looks fuckin hot ! DAMN


Chacce looks so fucking hot in this pic!!!!
im like so jealous of lil j!!!!!


I absolutly love her hair. I'm hopfully gettin my hair done like that :] soo excited. She is so pretty.


i love her hair !!! but i'll never have those i'm curly :( ...
so cute together


i luv little j now! ppl say she's growing up to fast, but she can't be a little grl 4eva even if her nick name is little j


i actually love this look on her. grays and men's fabrics are in for fall of 08 . so she knows what she's doing. i think she look great. as for Chace he's always hot... always

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