Orson and Bree attempt to make things work next episode, but Orson continues to suffer from kleptomania.
Marcia Cross stars as Bree, one of the stars of ABC's Desperate Housewives. Bree, formerly Bree Van Der Kamp, became Bree Hodge after she married Orson in season three.

Desperate Housewives Quotes

I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


Have you met the perfect couple? The two soulmates, whose love never dies? The two lovers, whose relationship is never threatened? The husband and wife, who trust each other completely? If you haven't met the perfect couple, let me introduce you. They stand atop a layer of butter-cream frosting. The secret of their success? Well, for starters, they don't have to look at each other.

Mary Alice