Good luck with this conversation, Ezra. Byron has something to say to his daughter's old boyfriend on the 1/9/12 episode of Pretty Little Liars.
Can the Montgomery marriage be saved? Byron tries to talk to his wife in this scene from "The Homecoming Hangover."
It's a tough road ahead for Aria's parents on the episode "Reality Bites Me." They have a lot to work through.
Byron Montgomery is the father of Aria. He's a college professor and is played by actor Chad Lowe.

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Melissa: When did that happen?
Spencer: What...Caleb were friends?
Melissa: Really? 'Cause? I know how you like to shop out of other people's carts.

Spencer: Why is it so easy to fall back into old habits.
Toby: They're easy to fall into, that's why they're called habits.