Claire and Elle are going at it in this photo. No, not like that, fellas. Get a clean mind!
Eric Doyle is one freaky dude. He tried to force Claire into shooting her mom during this scene.
Claire has a new mission on Heroes: find bad guys, kill bad guys. She gives it a shot during the episode titled "Angels and Monsters."
Claire is up to no good in the future. This cheerleader has grown into a seriously evil individual.
Future Claire and future Daphne are up to no good in this scene. We wonder where they went so wrong, and if we'll ever find out.
Claire wants to go on the attack. So she turns to her birth mom in order to learn how to fight.
This looks painful. Claire is forced to lie still as Sylar picks apart her brain in the season premiere's creepiest moment.
In this scene from The Butterfly Effect, Peter embraces Claire. These two have quite the history together.

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Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

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