Eric gives Deeks information about the case that involves his friend.
Callen, Sam, Deeks and Eric are all working together on the case.
Eric and Sam in a photo from "Out of the Past." NCIS: LA's new episode airs October 30, 2012.
Granger, Hetty and Eric in the second season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles.
Nell and Eric in a shot from the January 3, 2012 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.
Eric and Sam share holiday greetings in a photo from the December 13, 2011 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.
Eric goes out in the field in "Rocket Man." Very awesome.
The Special OPS team looks at the task ahead. While daunting, we'll back them any day.

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

Kensi: Because once again you're trying to say something without actually saying it. And it's driving me nuts.
Deeks: I think you lost me.
Kensi: No. I don't think I did. I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Deeks: Do I?
Kensi: Damn it, Deeks, you asked me out on a date without actually asking me out on a date. Now, if this keeps going this way and we can't communicate, and we've been over this -- you never say what you mean, and if this is the way it's gonna be, then I don't know how we're ever gonna --
Deeks: I don't want to be here with you right now.
Kensi: What?
Deeks: I want to be at my place, right now ... with you.

Go wherever you please Ella -- I will find you once I am finished here.