The Reagan Family takes a photo with a famous car from a classic film on Blue Bloods. "The Bullitt Mustang" is the seventh episode of the show's sixth season.
Frank looks into the murder of a cop who was one of Henry's fellow officers years earlier on Blue Bloods. "Sins of the Father" is the tenth episode of the show's fifth season.
Kids, listen closely. Frank and Henry offer advice to Danny's kids in this scene.
Henry and Danny confer in this Blue Bloods scene. They are at the funeral of a fallen officer.
Henry Reagan is the former police chief and the father of Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. He's bold, and unabashedly so.

Blue Bloods Quotes

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

Jamie: Who sings that?
Renzulli: It's the Red Hot Sushi.
Jamie: Let's keep it that way.