Moe falls for a princess whose father is working with Mr. Burns on The Simpsons. "The Princess Guide" is the 15th episode of the show's 26th season.
Things go wrong after the boys at the bar win the lottery on The Simpsons. "The Saga of Car; Dangers on a Train" is the finale of the show's 24th season.
What will happen to Moe's bar when a venture capitalist takes an interest in his homemade whiskey on The Simpsons. "Whiskey Business" is the 19th episode of the show's 24th season.
Moe congregates here with Marge, Homer and Bar Rag. The latter is voiced by Jeremy Irons.
A picture of Moe Szyslak, the bartender and owner of Moe's Tavern on The Simpsons. Moe is also one of Homer's least loyal friends.
When Marge thinks that Homer is dead, like any good friend, Moe uses his blood to attempt to seduce his recently widowed wife. Oh that Moe.

The Simpsons Quotes

Homer: (Wearing glasses) The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side!
Man: (From inside a bathroom stall.) That's a right triangle, you idiot!
Homer: D'oh!

Mr. Burns: Oh, and one more thing: you must find the jade monkey before the next full moon.
Smithers Actually sir, we found the jade monkey. It was in your glove compartment.
Mr. Burns: And the road maps, and ice scraper?
Smithers: They were in there too, sir.
Mr. Burns: Excellent! It's all falling into place...