Oliver is leading Maseo. The hair gives it away. FLASHBACK!
Oliver can't bear to watch what is unfolding in front of his eyes.
Team Arrow is growing all the time, and here are some of them in Verdant.
Ray takes off his ATOM helmet to appeal to Oliver, the man under the hood.
Doesn't it look like ATOM is about to be taken down at the waist?
The Arrow and Arsenal are men on a mission... to find The ATOM!
There are a couple of hoods hanging around. Who let them in?
Felicity has her hands full as she caught the bouquet.

Arrow Quotes

Whoever you fear, fear me more!


Malcolm: Oliver, I know I wasn't there for Tommy, but I see Thea as my chance for redemption.
Oliver: You turned my sister into a killer and then you put her into the cross hairs of one of the most dangerous men on the planet.
Malcolm: And you won't believe me, but I did so with a heavy heart and expecting a different outcome.
Oliver: Ra's is going to come for me and he will learn the truth about Sara, eventually.
Malcolm: And then he will come for Thea. And me.
Oliver: That's why I have to kill him.
Malcolm: You couldn't before.
Oliver: This time I will have you to train me.
Malcolm: Only the student will have hope of defeating the master.