The Halloween party looks like anything but fun on The Office. "Here Comes Treble" is the fifth episode of the show's ninth season.
A picture of Gabe and Stanley from the upcoming episode of The Office, "Michael's Last Dundies."
Stanley rocks this costume for Halloween. Think he deserves to win the branch's contest?
Pictured here, a scene from the season seven premiere: Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, Leslie David Baker as Stanley Hudson, Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Vance.
When Ryan and Pam return to Dunder-Mifflin and get to keep their stolen clients, Stanley, Dwight, Phyllis and Andy decide to do something about it.
Stanley of The Office is always good for a witty line or two.

The Office Quotes

Jan: All right, well are you gonna take care of this?
Michael: Yeppers.
Jan: What did I tell you about "yeppers?"
Michael: I don't... remember.
Jan: I told you not to say it. Do you remember that?
Michael: Yeesh...

Michael: I love you, Jan.
Jan: Okay.