A picture of Tom Haverford, one of our favorite characters from Parks and Recreation. He's played hilariously by Azai Ansari.
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It's Tatiana Maslany on Parks and Recreation! We adore this actress on Orphan Black.
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You're looking at a scene from a third season episode of Parks and Recreation. It's so nice to have this show back in our lives.
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Tom and Jerry are seen here during a moment in the office. They play critical roles on Parks and Recreation.
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Strike? Tom sends one down the lane here as Leslie tries to earn some local support.
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Tom wants to place a photo of his ex-girlfriend inside the Pawnee time capsule. That's because she's totally crazy!
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Tom was up to his usual tricks in "Canvassing." He contacted a number of contractors and invited them to Leslie's failed public forum.
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Tom and Leslie are the two funniest characters on Parks and Recreation. The former is snarky, the latter is... bubbly.
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Parks & Rec Quotes

Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!


Andy: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as
Eagle One. Ann, code name -- Been There, Don That. April is --
Currently Doing That. Donna is -- It Happened Once in a Dream; Chris,
code name -- If I Had To Pick a Dude. Ben is -- Eagle Two.
Ben: Oh thank God.