Charmin Lee on The Vampire Diaries
Charmin Lee is seen here as Old Gloria. The witch owns a bar in Chicago that Stefan has frequented over the years.

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Whenever a new african american goes on the show she's a witch. Please, make one white witch. It can be anyone, you can kill her off in the middle of the episode for all I care, just to say that not ALL witches are African American.


They started with Bonnie and just went with it. At first it was a little bit of a joke - hey, random black woman? 10 bucks she's a witch! - but it kinda adds to the witch family lore, in a Anne Rice way... Might be less noticeable if every once in a while they had a black character that wasn't magical, but hey... all minor charcters die anyway, so it doesn't really matter.


Is there a reason why all the witches seem to be african american? It's not a huge problem for me...but I got shocked when I saw the secret circle and realize...oh yea...all the witches in Vampire Diaries seem to be african american.

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