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Chris Colfer originally auditioned for Artie. But Glee created the role of Kurt for him.

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I never looked at glee before and the fr first me i saw it i feel in love with the show.But i only saw the 2end season but i am looking at the first season online.To tell the truth i like the 2end season more then the first season but i could be wrong i have not seen the rest of season 1.I think i will still like the 2end season more but that is just what i think.I just cant wait to see the 3erd season and i no that the music with be great.The main reason that i look at glee is because of the music and Kurt Hummel.He is a nice guy and i like that he can find some one that is gay just like him, Blaine they both like the same thing and they both are so cute and don't care about what other people think of the.That is way i like glee and if i can i would love to see them in person.


I love Kurt he's the best on glee and Mike Chong OMG they are so beautiful i love them but Chris Colfer the most ugggh too bad mike's not gay :(........ oh well


I watch GLEE with my 12 year old daughter. We are HUGE Gleeks and Chris Colfer fans - our favorite character :) My daughter was bullied (really, I should say physically assaulted, saying "bullied" almost minimizes it) for 2 months on an almost daily basis by a Queen Bee and her 4 Wannabees. The result has been a year and a half of living hell for my daughter and our family. Previously joyful and exuberant with the world by the tail, she now suffers from PTSD, has flashbacks, night terrors, self-hate, depression and acute anxiety. Despite confessions from the kids, live Kurt, we had to move her to an expensive private school, away from her multitudes of friends, in order for her to be/feel safe. She has engaged in self-harm and been hospitalized for suicide on 2 occasions. Although she was never "the outsider" before, she now feels like the "freaky victim girl", is "the new kid" at school, and feels that she must have done something to deserve this abuse. She's a singer/dancer/actor, so she really relates to the Glee kids. THANK YOU for (attempting to) educate the country on bullying, for putting yourself out there, for providing a vehicle for conversation, and a vehicle to tell her "you're not alone". And, thanks for sharing that amazing voice - it gives us a smile. We'll be driving to Chicago to see you and the cast perform on June 4 and we'll be cheering for you!

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