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Chuck and Bart!
Bart Bass in the aptly-titled "The Debarted," speaking with son Chuck. How is this happening?

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im confused


bart looks really weird here....the way he is sitting! chuck looks hot though, as always. god i wish i was blair!!!!!


WOW he's very HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHUCK BASS!!!!!


hahaha look at chucks face its Wtf


Chuck looks FREAKING BEAUTIFUL right here....even if he is speaking to a dead person hahaha.


agree, chuck and Nate are deadly handsome. OMG, how I love them

Victoria loves chair

chuck looks so effing sexy. love him to death.


efiing creepy as hell, but i love it


not sure im liking these, to much gosth wisperer

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Nate: You have two options. One. Man up, go to war and fight for the girl you love. Or just forget her. Move on to a palette cleanser. And forget her.
Dan: So you're saying my only choices are extreme emotional vulnerability with a good friend, or meaningless sex with a stranger.
Nate: Pretty much.
Dan: Alright.

Nate: Dan, do you really think if you went toe-to-toe with Paul Hoffman that you couldn't take him? You're using him as an excuse.
Dan: No. He's a handsome guy. He's a sophomore. He and Vanessa have a lot in common.
Nate: He's a douche.