Concerned Peter
Peter has a reason to be concerned. The search is on for Olivia on the Fringe season premiere.


Great reviews guys. Obviously the best epidose this season and maybe a top five one for the series. The fact that this series can deliver such memorable TV, I think, makes us more critical than we might otherwise be of lesser installments. The fringe science and freaks are fine, but like any great story, it's about the characters and performances. I love your video format. Elsewhere, we often get a tad too much deconstruction and certainly way to much recap since we all saw the epidose. If we didn't care about altLincoln, this epidose would not nearly be as powerful. I'll always remembering him and Henry delivering the baby. Hopefully we get another curtain call from Henry. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of people saw this remarkable epidose. Ratings declined from last week's sustenance level. Episodes like this week make it sad to face Fringe's inevitable end. But we have a dozen or so epidoses and many more memorable moments that dramatically raised the bar on this TV genre. A few such moments this week alone, but my favorite, was Altlivia leading a small army into Massive Dynamics ready to kick ass. Reminded me of Vader leading storm troopers into the rebel base. Of course, her moment of triumph quickly changing to tragedy. I loved how they used the SS to fool Nina. Talk about turnabout. A twist you didn't see coming, but was absolutely spot on. Unlike last weeks' plodding filler, this took a leap of faith that gave credit to its audience. I agree, more like this please. As for Amazing Anna .. "Let's never watch her again [after Fringe] because it would never be as much fun." Apologies to LOST IN TRANSLATION.

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Peter: Olivia, I want you to meet Etta. Kiddo, come meet your mom.
Etta: Hi mama!

Etta: It's an egg stick.
Walter: What a miserable future.