Damien is Back
Damien is back once again. This guy is like a bad penny.

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Damien's back! Jut like sifilis!


ahhh love damien being so regular, they NEED to bring jenny back, see the drama that would happen between those two. ahh would be amazing!

Sara gossipgirl thevampirediaries

i agreeeeeee with ya all i loove damien he always bring something to the show


Thank God Damien is back. He's a badass.


OMG! I knew Damien will be back because I love him and I knew he will get revenge. I actually want to know what they are saying in this picture.


Love this guy! Y don't the make him a regular!!!!


The Damien came back the very next day...We thought he was a goner but the Damien came back...the very next day. XD


Yes!!! Damien is going to come back! I can't get enough of this guy.


Always good to see more Damien & please can they just get rid of Vanessa and or Jenny & make Eric a regular?


I might sound strange, but for some reason I just can see this guy with Georgina Sparks. Too bad she's already got her baby.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Serena: Sorry if we kept you up last night. We were playing Scrabble.
Ben: She fell asleep to avoid losing.
Dan: Since when do you enjoy Scrabble?

Mick, Keith and their questionably-costumed cohorts said, "You can't always get what you want." But that doesn't mean it's okay for anyone else to have it either.

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