Darryl Van Horne patiently waiting
Looking like a young Mr. Big - Mr. Van Horne awaits his lovely trio.

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I have missed Paul Gross since Due South! He is one hot Canadian!
He definitely doesn't look like a 50yr old to me! He reminds me of a young Larry Hagman's in his 'I Dream of Genie' years. He makes Eastwick worth watching. Thanks so much producers. Susan

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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Roxie: You think you're really adorable, don't you?
Darryl: I think you think I'm really adorable.
Roxie: I think you're not as adorable as you think I think you are

Penny: The man that you've had the most pathetic crush on for the last two years finally asks you out and you say, 'No'?
Joanna: Don't call me pathetic.
Penny: I didn't call you pathetic. I said that your crush is pathetic.