Dean and Dad
Dean squares off here against Detective Pike. The character is played by none other than Alan Ackles!

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p.s. I dont like Amelia or whatever her name is. Madison was fine, and I loved Jess. But Sam could do better, I like Ruby he married Gen. Hahahaha
I didnt like Meg the blonde. Dark haired Meg I like her though.


I think Jensen did a great job directing, Jared did ok on acting and Alan Ackles and Jensen Ackles did a great job of acting. You have to remember the boys just got back from vacations and this was the first ep shot but didnt air until epsoide 3 My boy can act/direct/sing. Jared needs a trim a lot.
It would make him look younger too. I am surprised no one mentions it to him. It would really help him, but Jensen's directing was awesome....cant say enough about it. I think Cas will show up, he left Dean. Not the other
way around, he said Levithian were after him........

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