Denny Duquette Photo
A photo of Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from "These Ties That Bind," from Season Five of Grey's Anatomy. He may or may not be a ghost. Cool.

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I like watching Izzie and Denny together. She's so emotional when she's around him. I don't know why they had to kill him off so soon. It was a hot relationship. Denny is cute and I like watching him. It kind of freaks me out that Izzie is seeing his ghost and is going crazy because you know it's going to end soon.


GO back to death, Denny!


I don't know why you take our Denny from us we love him so he has to come back please please try to do some thing


I love Denny Duquette, please keep him in the show, he's so hot, and they make an incredible couple. make something to keep him forever, i've never understood why he had to die, i'm still so sad since season 2, and i can watch all the denny episodes like a million times without getting tired!!


Denny is so incredibly yummy! But he can't stay, Izzie needs to let him go and be with Alex - Alex really needs her.


i always love denny he is a great guy...but i feel soo bad for karev...denny can stay for a little bit but then he needs to go....cuz he's making izze crazzi lik she already isnt


Denny is the most handsome dead guy I have ever seen, I am soooooooooooo glaaadddddddd that he is still around. I don't know how you are going to keep him but please do!He is gorgeous, and man alive his kisses to Izzie, please don't let him go


I love Denny!! Please keep him on the show. I don't care what kind of story lines you have to have, but just keep him on. He's sexy (dead or alive).


I loved to see Denny again but I feel really sorry for Alex cause he's being so nice and so dedicate to the relationship. He worries a lot for Izzie, and all he gets is Izzie cheating on him with the dead guy while he burns his sweater in order to make him disappear

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Cristina: So Sadie, you postponed your residency to work in a ... morgue.
Sadie: Yeah, you know, none of the cutting, none of the rules. But I got bored. Got a craving for blood that was flowing.
Meredith: And now you're here. I can't believe you're here!

I've seen a lot of trauma, but never anything like this.


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