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Arizona is back in the fray, but will tensions linger between herself and Callie?

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JCap is too gorgeous! Definitely my favourite character:-)


Jcap is awesome now & always will be.
What a gorgeous smile she's got so soft & kind & tender. She'll look better just give her some time, I suppose she's still recovering after giving birth to her little baby daughter Eve in October, can't be easy I'm sure. I love Jcap, she's a joy to look at & to be around with .


Not a great picture of her . She looks old . . . But besides that she's still one of my favorite characters . :) I hope everything stays calm between her and Callie , but knowing our lovely creator and writer Shonda I doubt it . :(

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love, and then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place.


We are responsible with our patients. The problem is we blow it all out at work. In our own lives, we can't think things through. We don't make the sound choice. We did that all day at the hospital. When it comes to ourselves, we've got nothing left. And is it worth it—being responsible? Because if take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water, and what've you got? Vitamins and nothing.


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Julian darling Julian Darling Elizabeth & The Catapult iTunes
Song Plans The Submarines
Come with me Come With Me CEO iTunes