Downtrodden Queen B
What is Blair Waldorf up to? And who will she end up WITH?

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Poor B!! I hate vannesa she is a social climber .... We Love u B!! Nate & Blair... But chuck Is a good guy whatever un need to be happy!! Rachel sucks i hate her.. I want blair to go to Yale


Blair you'll pull thru anything, youve gone thru a lot with Chuck already and though the road may not seem so clear at this time, you always come out Shinin'!!! Love you girl!!!


I hate seeing B like this, She doesn't look scheming she looks hurt and tired of all the games and being the new B,
She probably is still torn about Chuck and regrets Nate. (TeamBlair(Dorota) totally agree) COME TO THE RESCUE CHUCK!!!

Blair cornelia archibald

She looks more scheming than sad!


We love you B, hang in there!


awww poor b! i agree she's probably seeing c.v. or maybe realizing that the 'new' blair (being all bad from watching the trailers) isn't going well for her! she's probably having a party or something!


Poor Blair!!! She's probably seeing Chuck kiss that social climber Vanessa!!! It's Ok B, he only loves you!!!


nate kiss her please...thats makes happy anyone


Aww poor thing. Why?
To quote TeamBlair(Chuck or Nate), COME TO THE RESCUE CHUCK!

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Dan: What does Chuck Bass do at 8 in the morning? It's not like you work out.
Chuck: I do my cardio in the evenings. The morning is for business, which I am late for.

Eric: Does this feel like a sitcom to anyone else?
Dan: More like a reality show.
Chuck: Then I can vote you off.