Ed and Leighton on G.G. Set
Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester on the Gossip Girl set in March 2012.

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Yes, part of it is definitely bad lnithigg. The shadows around her nose are too harsh, and there are too many weird shadows around her mouth chin area. To me, it also looks like her teeth are kinda bad, not like they usually look. It's the first bad photo of Blake Lively I've ever seen can't really believe it's a cover.


I want Chair back, relationship with Dan is like relationship with brother ;d (derena :D ) strange!


it is ed and leighton but filming a GG Scene ;)


well this is not Chuck and Blair but Ed and Leighton...


this is the first time i see chuck smile like this.. so adorable.
although I'm a dair fan, i have to say this pic is so cute!!

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