Ed and Leighton Photo
Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester film scenes for the show outdoors in late February 2009 in New York City.

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it looks like she is saying either "SHIT" or "CHUCK' but her face looks really funny and Edward look like he find her expression funny too.


it looks like shes just shaid Sh*t because she's forgot a line or something and Ed is laughing to him self.
My opinion :P


i think they are rehearsing like where they are going to stand and stuff bc leighton only wears that coat and the uggs when they seem to be rehearsing.


I don't think this is the real scene because Leighton always wears that coat while filming the scenes..


bet carter said something and chuck wanted to punch him, so, maybe blair is pushing him into the car... i dunno. bt it looks funn//..., cnt wait!


she looks like shes saying ' shiiiitt' , wonder what happened


it looks like shes trying to shield him from something but he looks so nonchalant im not sure. she looks worried but he's just being his usual bass self


or maybe she "tripped" and crashed into ed's chest


she probably saw a bug.


What do you think this is about?

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