Ed Gets His Kicks
Ed Westwick shows off his football skills. That's what they call it where he's from. Great culture.

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yeah american only call it soccer, we british and other parts of the world call it football. it's played with your foot only and by the way! why do americans call that game football it not played with the foot?! i mean come'on


Ed playing soccer...maybe I'd watch it...lol...and the USA isn't the only ones that call it soccer, just saying...


beauty in its truest form :)


God, only Americans call football soccer. It's called football everywhere else *roll eyes*


my most favorite man playing my most favorite sport...just awwwwww!


Ed Westwick shows off his football skills. That's what they call it where he's from. That's what "they" call it everywhere - if it's football, Fußball or fútbol. It's only called "soccer" in the USA...


ahhhhh. i lovee it.


He looks WAYY sexy.
Not to mention hes really good looking Hah wonder if he's any good?x


I L. O. V. E. him !!!


he so hot!

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