Ed Westwick Tattoo
Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl gets some new ink. This is totally awesome for him. Well, if you are into tattoos of feathers and naked babes.

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I actually like it. C'mon people it's his body if he wants that as a tattoo then good on him. You just don't have any taste. & saying that's degrading towards women? Shit there's alot worse stuff out there than this. Get your head outta your a**.


Why would anyone want to brand themselves with something so Vile?
Real class, typical Londoner for you. (rolls eyes).
Chuck Bass will never grace short sleeves again!
Another BIG...... EEEEEW.
But still very sexy, when arms are covered :P


yeah cus im sure he is going to be so glad that he has a naked lady on his arm for the rest of his life.......i feel bad for his kids.....i would hate if my dad had that on his arm


omg, whats with the feather? i don't mind tattoo's, but he is so gonna regret a giant feather... what persuaded him to do that?


"Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near". He will have this tattoo as a reminder of his guardian angel imprinted on his arm forever. Often being touched by an Angel is transformational. Blessings to Ed.


how very chuck bass of him


oh god. chuck would never stoop this low mr. westwick


And I thought you were a real gentleman. That's so degrading towards women!!! :@


hm. never thought he'd get a tattoo. he's just too cool. :)


I'm sorry for Chuck who now can't make fun of people with weird ink.

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