Ed Westwick's Girlfriend
At least that's what we've seen as of February 2009! Those two do make a cute couple, even if their Gossip Girl characters don't.

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oh god come on ed you can do better than her ..... you really broke my heart


whay not me ='(


comments here are so funny..hehehehe..lolz...


ce tare e jessica!!!


Eww! It's a total YUCK! I may be a fan of Ed Westwick but in this case I don't support him! It's a total gross (Ed and Jessica), maybe it's her name .. good .. BUT NOT HER LOOKS AND HER HAIR. I don't like to tell this but that's the TRUTH! So wake up Ed Westwick .... She's not too good for U! I love Leighton Meester for U,b'coz U two look like a PERFECT COUPLE so if U heard a news about Leighton and her boyfriend BROKE UP (wish too). GO AND COMFORT HER give a chance! Maybe you two are meant for each other,COZ U TWO REALLY LOOKS PERFECT! always telling the truth........


Don't like her looks or character on GG.


Ed is too sexed for this cow.


what's wrong with these people cannot get over leighton-ed?
jessica is ed's type okay?
get over vanessa because she's just a character.
leighton is with sebs stan for a long time now and they're happy together.
get over chuck-blair! they wont happen.
Whoever Ed loves, I'll adore too.


Ed is wayyyyy to good for her she is like butt ugly!!! her hair looks nappy i mean ed doesnt have to date leighton but a least someone pretty!!! I feel bad that he has to wake up to that!!!


I really don't understand what is everybody's problem with Jessica. Maybe some people don't like Vanessa, as a character, but Jessica is ok and she is pretty also. I like her a lot in this pic, even with this hair. Not everyone has to be a Upper East Princess...

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