Epic Confrontation
Jenny is back in NYC. Blair is not looking too pleased about it.

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go blair..take the Bxxch down ...cant wait this scene


..go blair, take the girl down, waaay down that she can never be back. btw that dress is on point!!!


Thank you Sammyyy. I agree completely with you. Neither Juliet or Nate seem to be in this episode...But then again, this is all about the Chair war and Jenny brief (hopefully) appearance.


C is standing behind B like he was supporting whatever she's saying. I wonder what these two are up to. :P


Now Juliet , Look at Blair Waldorf and learn how to rock a nude dress . Love to Leighton Meester and Blair Waldorf

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Serena: No shame. For your information we just stayed up talking.
Blair: Oh. So does this chatty insomniac have a name?
Serena: Colin. The Cab Stealer.
Blair: Oh, well you showed him.

Blair: What have we here? Bed: unslept in. Hair in... missionary disarray. And yesterday's dress with today's shame all over it.