Eva Langoria as Gabrielle Solis
Eva Langoria stars as Gabrielle Solis on ABC's Desperate Housewives. Gaby is one of the original women of Wisteria lane and is married to Carlos.

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what a sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Desperate Housewives Quotes

I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


(narrating) Family. There is nothing more important. They're the ones who show up when we are in trouble. The ones who push us to succeed. The ones who help keep our secrets. But what of those who have no family to rely on? What happens to those poor souls who have no loved ones to help them in their hour of need? Well, most learn to walk life's road by themselves. But a sad few of us, simply stop trying.

Mary Alice
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