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Formerly Married Couple
Addison and Derek used to be married. Now he's going to get engaged to Meredith, and all is well between the two of them.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (32 Votes)

Addie and Derek really should get back together. Their connection is so much deeper and feels much more real to me than everything we've seen with Derek and Meredith. I like Mer and him as individual characters, but I never get what we're supposed to see in them as a couple. They just don't work for me.


I really like they. I hope they back together in the end show. I dont like Meredith. I hope Derek and Meredith split up and Derek back with Addie


I like these 2. But they are scaring me. There was to many loving looks during this episode. I could tell that Addie still loves him and I think that he still loves her to some degree. He can't mess up what he has with Merridith. That ep was just great. Loved it!!! Good Job Writters and Cast!!!!

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