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Georgina Sparks and Chuck Bass really need to team up for something. There is just too much pure evil to not combine forces here.

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I just hope she won't be there to shake up Blair and Chuck... Or, God forbid, break them off. I think the show needs at least one steady couple and what better way to provide that but still up the excitement than Chuck and Blair? Once they're steady and all, they can go scheme some really outrageous stuff and fix everything as they see fit... And the rest of the events will unfold. It'll be priceless.


i hope the producers keep her on for the future because she's too great of a character to cut loose. i'm keping my fingers crossed. hopefully!


I don't think we have to worry about C and G hooking up again... as we learned from the ballerina in Seder Anything, Chuck doesn't sleep with the same girl twice (except for Blair...and Vanessa, haha). But remember he said in S1 he already slept with G, so I don't think they will again. But that's just me.


ohh georgina deff. has sumthinn up her sleeves
im sooo excited tht shes bak!! :) .. one of the most interesting characters on this show ... and Michelle T was really good in 17 again, pretty funny


In one of the promo clips, C. says "There's only one person who knows what happened the night S. met Gabriel for the first time" or something like that... Remember when G. returned, and she and S. went out for drinks, and they introduced themselves by another name to the older guys at the bar? So clearly, that was something they'd done before (we now know). But I don't think G. has totally reformed... when Michelle T. did an interview with People, she dropped a hint she wouldn't be *all* sugar-and-spice.


She looks a bit like Anne Hathaway... Just in this one picture


They look so cute together - I think she will save him and help him win back B!

Luci marlena

ahhh georgie looks sooooo different now
more.... dare i say... innocent
prolly cause of the lack of eye make-up
and she's not going to seduce chuck
she's "reformed" plus she knows that blair can out-bitch her any day!!!


ditto,queen T.
G already slept w/C remb.?
In sixth garde,lol.
hope it's about s


i sooo agree queen t!

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