Glamorous Upper East Sider
Serena van der Woodsen in "The Townie." This episode could be a turning point for Gossip Girl's in crowd.

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@ Milk
absolutly my opinion! I wanna see her strong and as the queen ;)


It is called the eagle eyes... nice... Go go Serena


ugh i love this pic she looks like she's the serena o wanna see! someone who's scary and in total control of everything..thats what i want jenny, vanessa and juliet to face but i bet this is just a snapshot. writers do something and show us seren's evil side for once! lol

Jennmo13 gg 3

i love this pic of her! she looks gorgeous as always


it looks like someone's in a big trouble..look out Juliet..serena is ready to hunt..

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You can't show up at a masked ball and not expect at least one social climbing doppelganger to try and impersonate you.


She wants you all to think she's the perfect host and mother and wife, but the truth is she's a selfish liar who will destroy anyone that gets in her way.