Gorgeous Jessica
Like her or not, Jessica Szohr is dressed up and looking absolutely fab in this picture from the Gossip Girl set.

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Fit as.
Definitely love the dress


@Kaithlen im immature, so you know what? BAGGING TIME! HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH I'm literally laughing out loud. she does look mannish in this photo. sorry but that's how it is. I don't like Vanessa, and where is she getting the money for this dress, OR the money to attend NYU AND live in the dorms? no way she made that much money waiting tables. so.....tranny hooker by night? seems plausible.


Jessica Szohr is so unattractive, she looks at though she is 37 years old with her wrinkled face!!!!! She had potential to be so elegant, classy and glamorous in this dress, but ONCE AGAIN SHE FAILED!!!!!!! If they put leighton or blake in this amazing dress; they would have most definitely pulled it off but this troll just looks like a cheap whore in a designer dress.
To all of the emotional Jessica Whore fans out there i'd just like to say that this comment has nothing to do with the fact that she is dating ed (who btw is soooo much better then her)its because i truely feel she is ugly and her acting skills are terrible. This girls acting skills make heidi montag look like an oscar winner, so get her off the show, she has no talent and everytime she is on the screen i stress out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


olivia wilad already wear this dress


I hate Jessica and Vanessa both. Vanessa because she slept with Chuck and ruined Jenny and Nate, and Jessica because she pimps out her boyfriend ALL THE TIME and looks like shit in public. My opinion.


love the dress


i don't like her character at all, and she banged Chuck, why is a no-no in the CHAIR world. That being said though, i don't think that should factor in my depreciation for Jessica Szhor. She's exotic, with exotic features; I think it makes her very unique and beautiful in her own way....and that dress....just wow. I'm not liking the hair that much but i think that's because of the expression she's making, which i'm assuming is an in-between-sort-of-expression. I think that's what "makes her look like a man"...lol, you guys are mean. All together though, i think she's going to look pretty when she smiles or something. But let her bang Chuck again and i'll start hatin'


HAHA.....so what....its called freedom of speech
we can say whatever we want....
we are entitled to our own opinion..
if you dont like it then fu** off


Well i totally agree with Nina and Sahara.
@ Daila and Alma : Who are You to judge who is good for Ed..that is up to him to decide!!!and he has a great taste in woman cuz Jessica is so gorgeous and outstanding..which makes them such a lovely couple..so fu** off You lame people!!


well we totally agree with kaithlen..though i think a more harsh death would be better.. like being stabbed to death
something slow and painful...sahara cmon open your eyes...can you not see she looks like a freakin MAN!!!! me get over myself?? you get over yourselff...jessica..vanessa...which ever...both...they should just fu** off!!!
(and he DOES deserve better)

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