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Brittany Snow is featured in this promo for the May 11 episode. The installment will launch the official Gossip Girl spin-off, starring Snow as a younger version of Lily.

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I agree with lelarose: her eyes are brown, how could they have been blue back in her younger years? Britney Snow is adorable and I'm sure she can play the part great, but I think they should have either gotten an actress with brown eyes or made Britney Snow wear contacts or something.
blue eyes don't just turn brown when you get older, unless you're a newborn.


ew! this girl sucks yet


what's worse than f**l?


So what if her eyes are blue. Does Frank Langella look like Nixon? Or for that matter, did Anthony Hopkins? Have you seen American Dreams? Brittany is awesome!!! And she can dance!


is it me or does her hands and fingers look weird and long in this picture. I think britney sow is gonna do a good job on the spin-off. shes a good actress.


britney snow..
hrmmm, i dont like it..


This is really trivial but it may bug me a lot... Young Lily's eyes are blue and current Lily's eyes are brown.


i love Brittany Snow, she will make this spinoff so awesome. Even though we already know the ending, it'll be fun to see how she got there.


i'm really excited about this spin off!*-*

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