Hopes for Peace
The main plot in season eight of 24 involves a peace accord with a Middle East leader. That gets underway in this premiere scene.

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I didn't catch this show until about the 3rd season when I heard about it at work, President Palmer and his Brother were on then, I haven't missed a show since . I tell everyone do not call me or come visit me when "24" is on, including my own grown children. I have been sitting on the edge of my couch every episode, all I can say is a movie will only make me mad. I will have withdrawls I'm sure. But by far this show will truly be missed by so many fans. Great job,Jack! Stay out of real trouble Jack! We want you back!! Cloe is the next best thing to Jack Bauer, she rocks! Those facial expressions are a killer! Cloe , you need your own show, Cole is too cute,very good actor too. Madam President , great acting , wish she could have changed her clothes more often, Presidents shouldn't wear the same clothes all day! All and All, I hate that there will be no more "24" , what will I do????????????? booohooo!

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