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John and Astrid - The Tomorrow People
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John and Cara have already had to start fresh, thanks to a dalliance with Stephen. Viewers saw sparks fly when Stephen's BFF saved and cared for John when he was shot and, frankly, maybe they deserve a break. It's easy to root for people who give each other a fresh look, and John and Astrid do just that.

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    Savng Cara

    Will Russell be able to rescue Cara from the Founder on the season finale of The Tomorrow People? "Son of Man" is the 22nd episode of the show's first season.

    Stephen and Cara in Trouble

    Stephen and Cara are in some trouble. This is a scene from the Tomorrow People episode "Kill Switch."

    Angry Stephen

    Stephen does NOT look happy in this Tomorrow People scene. It is from the episode "Kill Switch."

    Buying Time

    Stephen and Cara must buy time so that Jedikiah can come up with an antidote on The Tomorrow People.

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