Jessica and Ed? No? Anyway, these two are definitely still together and living it up.

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very god


suz: i agree. he looks sexy as hell in this picture. british rockers are hot with their tight jeans and messy hair. and ed is no exception. (and LOL about the jobros and chace)


I think he looks REAAAALLLY sexy. Ed's so sexy in kinda british way. And that messy hair... LOVED IT x)
I don't really like his hairy chest, that i have to admit, but i dont think that's the problem in this pic...the problem is that shirt he's wearing. If it was a regular shirt or if at least it was fully buttoned, he would be so hot that my computer would've burn =P


ooh my god, they look so ugly, I don't like them together, Ed and leighton should be together. THey have chemestry of screen toooo :)


i like rock stars because they havent showered in days and wear jeans that havent been washed in months, their hair is greasy and they're too lazy to shave, so, i happen to think ed is fucking sexy as hell and if you all dont like him, well good, because little teenage girls like flamming metros anyway, like the jobros and chace.


he lookss hiiiigh mannng


wtf r u guys rabbling on 'bout ??
ed looks great!! it doesn't matter how much
his weight is as long as he himself is happy,
get it ?? woooaaaH -> he's sooo HOT!!
eventhough i find him and leightoon would b the
BEST couple ever..but as long as he's happy.
i'll b happy 2 =)


I think he looks absolutely gorgeous here. his face is beautiful. i don't think he looks like he needs to lose weight in this picture, but the shirtless ones of him from behind suggest he could get back into weight training (as do we all). that's nothing to criticize. he's doing an outstanding job on the show and has great features. i agree this picture isn't the best of them, and no I hate them being together on the show. that disgusts me and totally doesn't make sense. Chuck loves Blair...please don't let him fall for Vanessa!


edd and jessica are adorable together
however, I HATE CHUCK AND VANESSA TOGETHER!!!!!!! grr ... so out oof character, i dont care that they r dating in real life ... so wrong!


LMAO.! they both look high!!

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