Jessica Szohr Yearbook Photo
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A yearbook photo of Jessica Szohr, next to a picture of what the star looks like now. Quite the transformation, huh?

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    definitely the prettiest female on the show by a mile...but we brits have a broader sense of beauty - just ask ed westwick :)


    Is this a joke?? She looks exactly the freaking same


    compare the before and then the after pix of every single hollywood starlet and you will find different noses, different b reasts, different cheekbones, etc. leave this poor girl alone. stop asking what is she? what are YOU? and, before you answer, DON'T BE SO SURE..................................


    I soooooooo agree Delia, this board is so biased. all the minor characters or pics of V could look amazing but get low scores, and Leighton or Blake get a high score when they look horrible!!!


    She has not changed at all, except to straighten her hair. Whoever posted this is just being an azz!


    A Jessica tá mais feia ainda kkkkkk


    I more than agree with None of Your Business....people that bring up racism ALL THE TIME WHERE THERE CLEARLY IS NOTHING RACIST ABOUT ANY OF THE COMMENTS is ridiculous. It's like saying someone is racist for thinking straight hair looks flat. Her hair just looks too curly, she's a beautiful girl.


    For the two imbeciles who have stated that it's racist to say her hair looks unattractive: your lack of knowledge in basic spelling and grammar is embarrassing and your mental acuity is below par. You should consider keeping your comments to yourself next time. She is a beautiful woman regardless of her ethnicity but her hair needs to be tamed on that show because it's starting to look like dreads and that is not an attractive look on anyone.


    I think her hair looks nice and she's pretty .